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Prolog integration for Vim

Prolog is lacking any sort of functional IDE, besides maybe the Emacs-integration that comes with SWI and Sicstus. Vim has traditionally not been a good editor for Prolog. In fact, it is close to being nothing more than a plain text editor for Prolog.

These files seek to change this. Copy them into your $VIM_RUNTIME or just ~/.vim, preserving the directory structure.

The files are public domain.


Note: I am no longer using Vim, or Prolog on a regular basis. Therefore I can no longer improve this package, but I will accept patches. (June 2014)

Feature Highlights

  • Accounts for pretty much all of Prolog syntax (including DCGs)
  • Syntactical hints for folding
  • Accounts for the full set of ISO built-in predicates and operators
  • Also features the full set of SWI built-ins.
  • gorgeous fruit-salad-fu for your Prolog