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A retreival based chat bot trained on IPL wikipedia pages. You can test out the app here. Please, check the app on a desktop.

Libraries Used

  • Flask - For creating the web app
  • Scikit Learn - For training a Tfidf vectorizer
  • BeautifulSoup, Request - For extracting and parsing data

How to run the app

Clone the repository

git clone

Install the requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the flask app

cd iplbot

How it works

  1. Run to extract text from the following list of wikipedia pages

  2. Given an input sentence, generate_response function in does the following

    • Lowercase the entire string
    • Removing punctuation marks
    • Word tokenization
    • Lemmatization
    • Train a tfidf vectorizer on the sentences generated in step 1 as well as on the input sentence
    • Uses cosine similarity to find the two closest vectors
    • Sorts the vector similarity in decreasing order & chooses the first vector
    • Gets the corresponding sentence & capitalizes it


Query alt text

Response alt text

Another example alt text

Sometimes the result might be different than expected. Better the quality of data fed in, more accurate the results would be alt text

In case, a non-relevant question is sent in, the bot returns a sorry response alt text

Please star the repo and share it

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