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Common Lisp TextMate Bundle

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This is a slightly enhancement to the fantastic Common Lisp Bundle, originary written by Bastien Dejean. It supports Textmate 2, so you can code with your favourite editor and your favourite programming language :) I can't assure the backward compatibility, so if you want a fully functional bundle for TM1, use the Bastien version. Although TM2 is supported, from TM2 seems to have disappeared the Plugin folder, so I don't know how to install the Bastien Flexible Words plugin. Probably you won't be able to use all the code introspection commands of the original bundle.


Manual Steps

You NEED to add these environment variable to your TM2 installation "Preferences -> Environment Variables":

  • TM_TMUX : "tmux_path", for example /usr/local/bin/tmux
  • TM_SBCL : "sbcl_path", for example /usr/local/bin/sbcl
  • TM_RLWRAP : "rlwrap_path", for example /user/local/bin/rlwrap

Needed by completionCommand :

ln -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/Common\ Lisp.tmbundle/Support/sbcl_completions ~/.sbcl_completions

The Grab Source command needs the src and contrib folders of the sbcl sources to be present in ~/.cl/sys.
The Documentation for Word command looks in ~/.cl/doc/hyperspec.
You can add a --local argument to cldoc if ~/.cl/doc/cltl2 exists.


You can't interact with your Lisp interpreter unless you start a session (Control-Command-Shift-O by default).
A short presentation is available here.
I've also made a lispy theme: Coal Graal.