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cumino is the Vim's way to prepare Haskell recipies.
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ftplugin Cumino 0.4: Added the possibility to send raw expression to ghci


Cumino is the vim way to prepare Haskell recipies:


  • Vim with Python support enabled
  • Tmux >= 1.5
  • A terminal emulator
    • Cumino was tested against gnome-terminal, xterm, urxvt and mlterm.


  • Send to ghci your type, function and instances definitions
  • Type your function invokation in Vim an watch them be evaluated in Ghci
  • Test in insolation snippet of code sending visual selection to ghci
  • Show the type of the function under the cursor
  • Possibility to set a list of ghci flags inside your .vimrc (e.g, -XOverloadedString)
  • Test your code environmentwise: if an Hsenv sandbox environment is activated, Cumino automatically starts the ghci associated with that environment.


Like any other Pathogen bundle.


Yes, please. You can open an issue or fork fix and pull, like usual.

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