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Snaplets release checklist

Base library

  • basic structure of the snaplets library

    • snaplet nesting / components

    • configuration

      • Chris is going to switch us to bos's configurator
    • solution for on-disk layout

  • haddocks up to standard

  • test suite with good code coverage

    • A significant amount of this is done already. Code coverage is already over 80%. A few more things are still needed though
  • tutorial documentation for website (Doug)

  • design documentation (probably Doug)

  • Merge in old snap executable and update project templates

  • Get Carl's Hint stuff working

Stock set of snaplets

  • session snaplet interface

  • user/auth snaplet interface

  • heist snaplet

  • admin panel snaplet

Release stuff

  • release notes / blog post

Things for later releases

- [ ]  routing

  - still question marks here, especially re: producing internal links?