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Practical Vim-Tmux bridge for Scala coding
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Staircase - A practical Vim-Tmux bridge for Scala coding

Staircase is the port of my other plugins Beduino and Cumino to Scala mode. It allows you to quickly send functions, objects and classes to your Scala REPL (either with Scala standalone or with SBT console).

  • Read the Wiki to get started


  • Vim with Python support enabled
  • Tmux >= 1.5
  • A terminal emulator
    • Staircase was tested against gnome-terminal, xterm, urxvt and mlterm.


  • Send to Scala your types, function and instances definitions
  • Type your function invocation in Vim an watch them be evaluated in Scala REPL
  • Test in isolation snippet of code sending visual selection to the REPL
  • Show the type of the function under the cursor
  • Test your code environmentwise: if you start Vim inside an SBT project, Staircase will automatically run the associated console.

Use SBT with Staircase

It should be the default, but think about putting this line in your .vimrc:

let g:staircase_use_sbt = 1


Like any other Pathogen bundle.


Yes, please. You can open an issue or fork fix and pull, like usual.

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