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Teambox Notifier

Angelo DiNardi



Teambox Notifier is a simple Google Chrome extension which places an icon in the Chrome toolbar to give status of the activity feed in Teambox.

When new items appear in your activity feed a badge icon with the number of new items and a notification for each new item will display. Clicking the icon will clear the current badge counter.

If you are not logged in to Teambox, the icon will appear deactivated (desaturated). Logging in to Teambox will also activate Teambox Notifier.

Just get the extension

This extension is available on the Chrome Extension Gallery at the Teambox Notifier page.

Locally hosted Teambox Installs

The extension supports local Teambox installs. Install the extension, open the options, and enter the hostname where your teambox install is located.

Setting up Teambox Chrome Notifier for development

In order to contribute to the project, you can set up the notifier in Chrome by following these steps:

  1. Clone this repository locally.
  2. Open Google Chrome, and then open the Extensions window.
  3. Select Developer Mode in the Extensions window.
  4. Click on "Load unpacked extension" and open the folder with the code.

This extension uses Google Chrome Extensions and connects to the Teambox API. Check the documentation to extend the notifier.

Teambox is an open-source project management software. You can find the source code online.


A Google Chrome Extension which notifies the user of updates in Teambox







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