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A Wagtail project made to simplify creation of resumes for developers.
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Wagtail resume

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Wagtail-resume is a reusable Wagtail page model designed to make the creation of a good resume easy and quick. Additionally, it will be fully integrated into your site/blog.


Resume Preview

The full resume example is live and accesible here.


  • Wagtail-metadata
    • It uses wagtail-metadata for all meta & SEO fields.
  • Wagtail-markdown


Install wagtail-resume with pip:

pip install wagtail-resume

Add the application to installed Django applications:


Run the migrations.

Getting started

Import and extend the BaseResumePage:

from wagtail_resume.models import BaseResumePage

class ResumePage(BaseResumePage):

Head over to the Wagtail admin and create your resume!

Default Fields

Default resume fields:

  • Role
  • Profile picture
  • Social links
  • About
  • Work Experience
  • Contributions (Opensource/projects)
  • Writing (internal Wagtail pages or external URLs)
  • Education (Degrees/Courses/Certificates)


Wagtail-resume currently supports 4 customizations:

  • Heading for a section
  • Icon for a section (Fontawesome)
  • Font style
  • Background color

The background-color should be specified in hex (e.g #FFFFFF) or css supported colors and the font should be available on Google fonts. The fonts supported are only the ones from Google Fonts so make sure to check what fonts are available.

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