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Wagtail resume

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Wagtail-resume is a reusable Wagtail page model designed to make the creation of your resume easy and quick.


  • Easy management of your resume in Wagtail
  • Search engine optimized using HTML meta tags - make it easier to find your resume in Google
  • Flexible section creation of projects, blog posts, etc
  • Easy customizations of font, icons and background color
  • Easily reference other content on your Wagtail page as blog posts
  • HTML based, no more sending of PDFs, just a url for sharing
  • In-site Weasyprint button for a PDF version
  • Responsive for mobile and tablet


Resume Preview

The full resume example is live and accesible here.


  • Wagtail-metadata
    • It uses wagtail-metadata for all meta & SEO fields.
  • Wagtail-markdown
  • Weasyprint
    • Uses Weasyprint to generate a PDF from the HTML page.


Install wagtail-resume with pip:

pip install wagtail-resume

Add the application and dependencies to installed Django applications:


Add the urls for generating a pdf using Weasyprint:

    path("resume/", include("wagtail_resume.urls")),

Run the migrations.

Getting started

Import and extend the BaseResumePage:

# home/
from wagtail_resume.models import BaseResumePage

class ResumePage(BaseResumePage):

After adding the model you'll need to make a migration

python makemigrations

... and then apply it

python migrate

Head over to the Wagtail admin and create your resume!

Weasyprint generates PDFs using the absolute URL of a resume which consists of the hostname, port and path. Therefore don't forget to configure your site's host and path in the Wagtail admin interface which is located in settings -> sites. E.g when running the server locally the host should be localhost and the port should be 8000 (or whichever port you develop locally with).

Default Fields

Default resume fields:

  • Role
  • Profile picture
  • Social links
  • About
  • Work Experience
  • Contributions (Opensource/projects)
  • Writing (internal Wagtail pages or external URLs)
  • Education (Degrees/Courses/Certificates)


Wagtail-resume currently supports 4 customizations:

  • Heading for a section
  • Icon for a section (Fontawesome)
  • Font style
  • Background color
  • PDF generation button visibility (public, authenticated, disabled)

The background-color should be specified in hex (e.g #FFFFFF) or css supported colors and the font should be available on Google fonts. The fonts supported are only the ones from Google Fonts so make sure to check what fonts are available.