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An undoubtedly simple and lightweight dark/light mode theme for Hexo.

Minima preview, device image by Freepik

  • See the demo here
  • See the quick start instruction and documentation here

About Minima

Minima is an undoubtedly simple and lightweight dark/light mode theme for Hexo. I created this from scratch using Skeleton CSS boilerplate. It only uses CSS and Vanilla JS, without using unnecessary third-party 'render-blocking' libraries.


Simplicity is a must! When I decided to move to Hexo for my personal blogging platform, the main reason was to find a simple and clean design, no fancy looks, unnecessary images and colors either. I'd like to have a blog that focuses on the content of my posts rather than turning readers attention to a 'cluttered' user interface. I found lots of beautiful themes on the Hexo themes page, but finally I decided to make my own.


This 'lightweight' means the theme uses as few design stuff as possible. Fewer JavaScript and CSS files. Minima only uses Skeleton for the CSS-boilerplate and nanobar.js for the top loading bar. The following is the 'gross' performance of my blog with the Minima theme:


Minima uses vanilla JavaScript, vanilla CSS, and EJS. So it will be very easy for everyone to edit and customize the theme.


  • Pass the core of Hexo Theme Unit Test
  • Fully responsive design
  • Support post, page, tags, archives, and pagination
  • SEO: post meta description and images (appears in Facebook/Twitter shared-link)
  • [Customizable] icon Dark/light mode instant switch 🌑/☀️
  • [Customizable] theme color
  • Code highlighting with Prism.js
  • Disqus for post comments
  • Show comments section button for faster posts loading


See the quick start instruction and documentation here


Everyone is welcome to contribute! Go ahead, fork and make pull request 😁


Big thanks to @pduchnovsky and yukimuon to help me making this theme even better!


Minima is released under MIT License. Copyright © 2020 Adi Sakti Jrs