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The Branching Point

Adit Jain edited this page Jul 18, 2020 · 2 revisions

When does the time to choose come?

I had a convo with my college friends earlier about what careers they would choose, what do they want to do,why do they choose what they choose etc. etc. And as we talked I came to realize how the time is coming. The time to decide -- to choose a road and leave all the other roads. So, I should tell you I have this FOMO that I'll miss out on opportunities if I choose a path, and on top of this fear I have the fear that I'll choose a wrong path. I am sure a lot of you my age (or perhaps from a different age segment) will relate.
But how do we deal with this fear? Before that - Are things really the way they seem to be? Are these roads all supposed to be non intersecting? Can I not jump ships once I have made a decision? Interesting rhetorical questions right :P ?
Yea, so I think I CAN jump ships once I have boarded one. These roads are probably intersecting but that shouldn't matter. I can't control how the road is gonna be. The only thing I have in my hand are my tools - (car/jeep/bicyle/tank whatever) - and so even in real life the one thing that is in our control is our toolbox - our skillset. And if this toolkit is robust and large enough it doesn't matter how bad the road is , even if its the freaking road to hell or there's isnt even a road its just a jungly mess - because if I have a good skillset, if I am **able ** in a multitude of situations I'll have a chance in a plethora of fields. And to back up a little this perspective does not care when the time to choose comes , it is omni-applicable.
But what exactly is a good enough skillset?
Well everyone will have their own notion of the apt amount of skills in an environment which is constantly changing. My notion is rather simpler than having a set of list. It goes something like:

  1. It should be updated frequently and there should be interest in devoloping these skills.
  2. It should cover as many as areas as possible.
    Now yes, this is an ideal skillset that I am describing but the more we try to be as close to this (while being satisfied with our current skillset -- tough balance) the more robust we will be to the environment.
    And I would like to end my little write up on the note that we can be never be too prepared , their will be uncertainity so it's best to embrace this uncertainity and do what we can do - work on creating our best selves.