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Simple Angular 6 App

What is the Use of This Repo

This App is a Simple Angular 6 App which uses

  1. Angular Components
  2. HTTP Client
  3. Angular Routing
  4. Services
  5. Very Basic Bootstrap
  6. Communication from parent to child component

This Applications template can be copied and used to build other bigger applications.

The CSS used is very basic since the main aim of this project is to focus on angular 6

Live Application url

This is the link where the app is deployed.

What Does this Application do

This Application has just two pages.

  1. A Customer List Page which Lists out all the Customers
  2. A Customer Details Page which will display the Details for the Selected Customer

Prerequites to Run the Application

Install NodeJS

Refer to install NodeJS

Install Angular CLI

Use the following command to install angular CLI

npm install -g @angular/cli

Refer to know more about angular CLI

Steps to Run the Application

Clone the repo into local

Open the project folder and install the npm packages using the following command

npm install

In Order to Run the Application Type the following command in command prompt

npm start

The Application runs on localhost:4200

Application Design

The Components Created are

  1. CustomersComponent : This Component Is to Display the List of Customers

  2. CustomerdetailsComponent : This Component Displays the Details for a Single Selected Customer

  3. DisplayComponent : This Component Displays the Customer name Clicked in the CustomersComponent ( The whole point for this component is to demonstrate parent to child component communication ). This is a child component of CustomersComponent

The Services Created are

  1. DataService : All the Jsons used in the application are stored in assets/samplejson folder. DataService Helps in getting the Json from the assets/samplejson folder Using a Http Request . In Real Applications , the Service Helps to Get the Data from a Rest API or any other API by making a HTTP Request

Model Classes Used are

  1. Customer : This is the model class used for the CustomersComponent to define the structure of each customer in the list

  2. CustomerDetails : This is the model class used for CustomerdetailsComponent to define the structure containing all the customer details

Routing Module is used to Route between the 2 pages in the application The 2 paths used in the routing module are

  1. /customers : This url displays the customer list and points to CustomersComponent

  2. /customerdetails/id : This url displays the details for each customer and points to CustomerdetailsComponent

Angular 6 References

Refer to to get an understanding of how angular 6 works


This is Simple Angular 6 App which uses Components , Services , HTTP Module and Routing








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