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Purpose Caveat emptor Contributing Credits HOPETODOs


Maybe this will become my ever-growing, ever-improving, Swiss Army Toolkit of functions-as-cmd-line-tools and useful-to-me patterns.

It is unlikely to be useful as-is to you. However, you might find some of the ideas or techniques interesting (almost none of them are original).

In any case, this stuff has emerged from my personal motivations to:

  • reinvent the wheel for fun and profit
  • avoid rewriting all of these all over the place, as I end up doing ever so often
  • get better at text processing. That stuff is everywhere!
  • benefit from stable, fast tools, with well-known warts, and Because The Masters Already Solved It Better Decades Ago
  • improve personal/team productivity
  • preserve tool-building autonomy
  • learn about good and successful design
  • learn about bad and successful design
  • go down the winding rabbit pipes of computer history.

See also oxo, a game of Noughts and Crosses, written in Bash.


I happen to use these tools on Ubuntu 18+ LTS, with Bash 4.4+. Maybe they will also work just fine on other Debian-like distros, with Bash 4+.

Each "utility" file would have its own usage guide.

Caveat emptor

These utilities are NOT designed to be portable across shells or older Bash versions or operating systems. Nor should they be presumed secure. If I haven't tried, they certainly aren't. And even if I did, they very well may not be.

I'm still learning from my mistakes, after all. Ergo, by perusing these, you accept all the horrible ramifications of your life choice.


I'll be happy to discuss bugs, design ideas etc. via email or github's issues feature. Suppose a discussion leads to a thing I'd like to add to this repo, I'll work with you to bring it in with due credit.

However, I do not intend this for use by others, and will not heed unsolicited pull requests.


Too many to name, but some important ones are:

  • Several friends and colleagues (especially those who failed to caution me about the perils of Shell scripting)
  • Classic Shell Scripting (Robbins and Beebee)
  • bash manpage authors, tool manpage authors, especially the ones who document EXAMPLES
  • Various StackOverflows, githubs, subreddits, HackerNewses, ${RANDOM_BLOGGERS}... erm... "The Internets"?


  • Read "The Unix Programming Environment".
  • Peruse google's shell style guide. They seem to know a bit or two.
  • Understand plan9. Migrate to plan9. Upgrade to plan10. Wait, no that's not macOS.
  • Many, many other things.

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2018-2019 Aditya Athalye.

Distributed under the MIT license.


Could be my ever-growing, ever-improving, Swiss Army Toolkit of functions-as-cmd-line-tools and useful-to-me patterns.








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