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Prezi clone in HTML5, Js, and SVG. Can use different animation backends, for example impress.js.
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A web app for creating zooming presentations, similar to Prezi, but in HTML5.


Awwation is an app that allows you to create Prezi-like presentations in the browser. Presentations are SVG files that are animated using Javascript.

The editor is built upon the core of SVG-edit, and uses the Sozi library for zooming animations.


You can run Awwation by simply placing it behind a static site server, such as a stock Apache installation.

Try the live branch hosted via GitHub pages at, or see below.

Example steps

  1. Navigate to your server's root directory (/var/www by default in Ubuntu, under Apache)
    cd /var/www
  2. Clone it off GitHub:
    git clone
  3. Point your browser to http://localhost/Awwation/editor/ to launch the presentation editor.


There are several bugs and feature requests listed on the issues page. To contribute code, fork and send a pull request!


Awwation is made by Aditya Bhatt. Contact me at

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