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A Sublime Text Editor Installer made in shell script for the 2.0.1 version
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Sublime Installer (Not maintained anymore)

Sublime Installer is a simple script for Sublime Text Editor auto setup. It gives you:

  • Sublime 2.0.1 Text Editor
  • Sublime's Custom Icon
  • Sublime's Plugin: Package Control
  • Sublime's Plugin: Emmet (Old Zen Coding)

Distros supported:

  • Ubuntu 10.04+

Getting Started


Just type the following line on your terminal, read the instructions carefully and let the script do the job for you! Problems?! Please take a look at troubleshooting section

wget --no-check-certificate && bash


Be sure to wait for load PyV8 binary. If it persists, please start an issue here and let me know what happened.

Additional Information

Suggestions or Contributions

You can freely email me, if happened anything unexpected, if it works like a charm or also give me suggestions. I'll answer you ASAP with the due respect! For contributions, I will analyze if your pull request is within the scope and the minimum correctness, furthermore you will be added in the contributors section, that by the way is empty.

Sublime Package Control

Emmet (Old Zen Coding)

Sublime's custom image

Sublime's custom image

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