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Code for the computational model to avoid catastrophic forgetting as in Rikhye, Gilra and Halassa, Nature Neuroscience 2018, Fig. 5b-d and Supplementary Fig. 16b-d.

The medio-dorsal thalamus (MD) switches subsets of cortical (medial Pre-Frontal Cortex mPFC) neurons on and off depending on context, enabling other context weights to remain stable.


You need to install python, numpy, scipy and matplotlib. The simulations were run on Ubuntu 18.04 on a server with CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3 (Haswell) 2x 12 cores, 24 threads, 2.5 GHz, 30 MB cache.
The code only uses 1 core and takes around 30 min for the task in Fig 5b-d, and around 1 hour for the xor task in Suppl. Fig 16b-d (for one network instance).

Running an instance:

First cd to the directory in which you've clone this github repo.
Then mkdir dataPFCMD where the data files will be saved.
Run python By default, it runs with MD present on the standard task in the paper (Fig 5b-d).
This runs 1000 cycles of context 1, 1000 cycles of context 2, and then 200 cycles of context 1 again (a cycle is one presentation of all cues of the current context).
This will generate 4 figures: (a) cues, a few reservoir PFC neural activity for each cue subset, MD neural activity and output activity vs time; (b) mean squared error versus cycle num; (c) evolution of a few output weights for cues A and B versus cycle number; and (d) mean activity of each neuron during a few context 1 cycles.

To turn MD off, set self.MDstrength = 0. instead of 1. in
To run the xor task (Suppl Fig 16b-d), set self.xorTask = True in

To reproduce Figure 5b-d:

  1. Set seeds 0 to 9 in by modifying line: self.RNGSEED = 0.
  2. Run twice for each seed setting self.MDstrength = 0. and self.MDstrength = 1..
  3. Finally, run python which is save a fig_paper.eps file corresponding to Fig 5b-d.

To reproduce Suppl. Figure 16b-d:

Repeat as above, except set self.xorTask = True in and set xorStr = '_xor' in

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