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Install via yaourt fails with …pkg.tar.xz not found #1

flying-sheep opened this Issue · 6 comments

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The installation fails with Package /tmp/yaourt-tmp-$(whoami)/PKGDEST.???/*.pkg.tar.xz not found, while the directory contains the same file with .gz extension.

renaming the package results in successful installation.


This appears to be a bug with yaourt. The PKGBUILD specifies that the PKGEXT is tar.gz, so yaourt should not be looking for tar.xz files.

Although .xz is the default for arch packages, I prefer .gz because compression and decompression are faster. I don't distribute a binary version of the package, so the smaller size of pkg.tar.xz is not a big advantage.

You could file a bug report with yaourt or manually install the package:

cd $HOME/Software/context-minimals (or any another directory)
git clone git:// ./
sudo packan -U context-minimals-<date>.tar.gz

The advantage of this approach is that file download is faster (since you keep the old version of the downloaded files), and you can revert back to an older version easily.


i can’t see any spec which says that $PKGEXT exists outside of the makepkg.conf

several places confirm this, e.g.:

An Arch package is no more than a tar archive compressed using xz, or 'tarball', which contains: […]


When makepkg is run, it searches for a PKGBUILD in the current directory and follows the instructions therein to either compile or otherwise acquire the files to build a package file (pkgname.pkg.tar.xz).


ok, sorry for not researching thoroughly enough :(


No problem. This feature is not documented properly, and as such it is not surprising that most tools ignore PKGEXT inside a PKGBUILD.

@adityam adityam closed this

I installed the latest git version of yaourt (the yaourt-git package on AUR), and it correctly builds the context-mnimals package.

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