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Releases: adityapk00/zqwandroid

Update App name

05 Jun 05:16
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This is a minor release that updates the app name

Update name to ZecWallet

12 Apr 22:29
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This is a maintenance release of ZecWallet

  • Update naming everywhere
  • Fix some bugs and other updates

URI bug fixes

27 Mar 17:12
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  • Fix an issue where the URI amount was being interpreted as USD (instead of ZEC)
  • Handle commas in amounts for European locales

ZecWallet v0.3.0: Reply to messages

14 Mar 21:38
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New in this release is the ability to reply to messages.


You can also include your own sapling address in transactions so others can reply to you!

ZecQT Wallet - v0.2.0

05 Mar 23:01
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New in this version is support for Payment URIs

ZecQT Wallet - v0.1.0

22 Feb 17:32
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First release of the ZecQT Wallet Android companion App.

ZecQT Wallet - beta5

13 Feb 18:48
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ZecQT Wallet - beta5 Pre-release

Bug fix release of the beta

  • Fix error messages on the Android app
  • Fix random crash on zec-qt-wallet when dialog was dismissed too soon
  • Keep alive adjustments for the wormhole service

ZecQT Wallet - beta4

12 Feb 22:18
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ZecQT Wallet - beta4 Pre-release

Now connect over the internet without messing with firewalls, port forwards or usernames and passwords!

This beta release of the Android App enables the wormhole service, which allows your desktop zec-qt-wallet and Android App to communicate without needing to set up any firewall exceptions or port forwards. This is achieved by using a wormhole service hosted by zec-qt-wallet, which allows fully encrypted communication between your phone and your desktop, even if they are behind firewalls.

Read more about it here

Note that this is still a beta release, so feedback is very welcome. Please read the README before getting started

ZecQT Wallet - beta3

04 Feb 17:42
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ZecQT Wallet - beta3 Pre-release

Beta 3 release with lots of bug fixes

If you haven't please see the README first

  • #1 - Show a warning if sending from a t address
  • #2 - Refuse to send if node is syncing
  • Allow manual input of Connection String + Show connection string on desktop UI
  • Fix App icon and name on Nexus 7
  • Update icons so they don't look disabled
  • Prevent random crash on desktop
  • Display Tx errors back on the phone

As usual, please update both your desktop and phone together.

ZecQT Wallet - beta2

01 Feb 23:49
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ZecQT Wallet - beta2 Pre-release

Please see the README on how to get started.

Fixes in this release:

  • Fix crash on desktop if connecting during startup
  • Fix aspect ratio on Android when scanning QR Codes
  • Fix error messages when server refuses connection
  • Fix some layouts on larger screens