Provides access to system topology information.
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ctop is a C++ library that allows you to analyze system topology information. Much of this information is obtained from the CPUID instruction. This information can be very useful to have in multithreaded applications.

ctop uses stringent error checking to verify that assumptions made about the system actually hold. Careful attention has been given to ensure that when something fails, a clear error message is produced that explains where things went wrong.


  • Change line width to 100.

  • Throw instead of using expected.

  • Minimize dependencies to ccbase and boost.

  • For each core, add a mapping to the corresponding bit in CPU_SET.

  • Finish TODOs in the files.


The following assumptions are made about the system on which this code is run:

  • The system is running the Linux kernel.
  • All CPUs on the system are of the same type.
  • The CPU microarchitecture is Intel Nehalem or later. (Support for AMD processors is planned for the future.)
  • Each NUMA node on the system contains exactly one CPU.

Where possible, the library statically checks to ensure that these assumptions hold. Otherwise, exceptions are thrown during runtime.


This library is not ready for production yet! If you want to see some example usage, look at this file.

Future Features

  • Add support for AMD.

  • Support the following auxiliary (PCIe) devices:

    • GPUs
    • MICs
  • Support the following NUMA devices:

    • MICs