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Release 6.0 Changelog

Huge thanks to contributors for making this theme better :)
Also a Big Thank You to supporters at Ko-Fi. Kudos to you guys 💟


  • Added Feature ShowCodeCopyButtons - Adds a button to copy code block contents.
  • Added Feature ShowFullTextinRSS - Adds Full Text content in RSS feeds.
  • Added Feature ShowAllPagesInArchive - To show all pages in archives.
  • Added Feature Originally published at when canonicalUrl and ShowCanonicalLink is set .
  • Theme colors are converted from rgba to hex.
  • Added option to customize Social-Media Share buttons ShareButtons: ["linkedin", "twitter"]
  • Added option to hide copyright/footer text
  • Added summary in section pages, Content on list pages, description can now be in markdown on list pages.
  • Added placeholder param in Search to customize placeholder in search input box.
  • Added option to disable Anchored headings disableAnchoredHeadings
  • Updated internal Hugo templates.
  • Add Translations of Ukrainian, Russian, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Turkish, Mongolian, Polish, Bengali, Dutch, Chinese, Kurdish, Italian, Danish, Korean.
  • Add social icons of hackerone, xda, goodreads, splotify, flicker, librepay, matrix, serverfault, researchgate, googlescholar, ycombinator, polywork, cv, xing, phone.
  • Fixed Emojis affected by theme opacity values.
  • Fixed line highlighting in code-blocks.
  • Fixed params.fuseOpts being ignored by Fuse.js.
  • Miscellaneous improvements, fixes and accessibility enhancements.

What's Changed

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Release 5.0 Changelog


  • Add Feature ShowPostNavLinks - shows Prev Next post links on single post page
  • Add Feature BreadCrumbNavigation - adds Breadcrumb navigation above title of single page/post
  • Add feature editPost - adds option to show link in meta data for editing posts
  • Add support for rtl and ltr shortcodes
  • Add Translations of Japanese, Hungarian, Catalan, Uzbek, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese
  • Add social icons of snapchat, gitea, unsplash, itchio, ctftime
  • Add browser-level lazy-loading of images
  • Improve overall design to fit Prev Next post links and remove borders
  • Improve scrollbar styling
  • Tweak Fuse options for search
  • Improve theme changes when JS is disabled
  • Fix code highlight when HLJS is disabled
  • Fix colors in embeded gist
  • Fix ... being shown for smaller summary in posts
  • Update internal templates from hugo
  • Miscellaneous improvements, fixes and accessibility enhancements

Huge thanks to contributors for making this theme better :)

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v4.0...v5.0

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Release 4.0 Changelog

  • Added AccessKeys
  • Improve theme-switch logic
  • Port Anchored Headings from Codex
  • Added social-icons for Discord, Mastodon, Keybase, Ko-Fi, Kakaotalk, Nuget, Reddit
  • Update HLJS to v10.2.0
  • Added Search feature with fuse.js and options to tweak search & keyboard navigation in search results
  • Add emojify in Language-Switch
  • Load stylesheet resource with wildcard
  • Unset line-clamp in Home-Info mode, content can be as long as one wants it to be
  • Disable indexing website when not in production
  • Social-Icons name can match even when case does not match with set name
  • Add option to disable fingerprinting
  • Add option to disable highlight.js
  • Retain anchor link '#' in URL when clicked on anchored headings
  • Add support for custom taxonomy URLs
  • Add option to hide cover images from list, single but retain in structured-data and share links
  • Extended css can be directly added to asset bundle, all .css under assets/css/extended/
  • Do not smooth-scroll when user has preferred to not
  • Fix broken anchor Link scroll for Table of Contents and non-ASCII chars
  • Fix Lang Name hidden when LanguageName was unset
  • Fix scroll-bar track on various conditions
  • Fix menu items overflow instead of horizontal scroll
  • Fix Trailing slash in menu urls
  • Fix figure captions added to Table of Contents
  • Fix embeded gist colored dark
  • Fix wrong load stylesheet and JS on multihost (multilingual)
  • Fix Go-To-Top button not shown on code-background in light mode
  • Translations added: Bahasa(id), Italian(it), improvements to german(de)
  • Miscellaneous improvements, fixes and accessibility enhancements

Huge thanks to contributors for making this theme better :)

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Release 3.0 Changelog

  • enhanced templates a/c to theme for social-meta
  • add support for Rich Results
  • add option to customize NavBar Label
  • i18n: more translations (thanks to contributors)
  • add support for extended_head and extended_footer
  • add support for Right Aligned Text for multilingual mode
  • add support for responsive cover image
  • add support for multiple authors
  • add automatic #hashtag generator for twitter share with tags from a post
  • add Language switch, an improvement to multilingual feature
  • miscellaneous improvements, fixes and accessibility enhancements

Huge thanks to contributors for making this theme better :)

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Release 2.0 Changelog

  • added support for cover image with captions
  • add option to allow disabling of special 1st post
  • improved taxonomy pages
  • added option to open toc by deafult(for each post)
  • theme: automatic based on browser theme
  • update HLJS to v10.2.0
  • ToC: improvements, fixes (custom implementation)
  • Archives: improvements
  • added Menu Location indicator
  • i18n: more translations (thanks to contributors)
  • profile-mode: subtitle
  • added theme-toggle to switch between dark and light
  • footer: user-defined copyright
  • favicon can be set to custom path
  • comments can be disabled for a page
  • miscellaneous improvements, fixes and accessibility enhancements
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Release 1.0 Changelog

  • use of hugo's asset generator with pipelining
  • asset fingerprinting, bundling and minification by default
  • seperated layouts and partials into more readable parts
  • separated css stylesheets into parts
  • added archive layout
  • added Home-Info Mode
  • added Table of content genration
  • added smooth scroll between in page tags
  • added Taxonomy pages (tags, categories)
  • added themed scrollbar
  • added Scroll-to-Top button
  • added post Share buttons
  • added draft page indicator
  • added google siteverification tag vars
  • add option to disable post meta
  • save menu scroll position in browser's storage
  • added Profile-Mode with buttons
  • added Social Icons
  • updated HLJS
  • added multilingual support
  • micellaneous additions, improvements and fixes