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JSON schemas, examples, and templates for ADIwg metadata standards
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JSON schemas for the ADIwg project and data metadata standard

Ruby Gem

Use with ruby-json-schema/json-schema to validate mdJSON records in Ruby.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'adiwg-json_schemas'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install adiwg-json_schemas



$ bower install mdjson-schemas



$ npm install mdjson-schemas

const Schemas = require('../resources/js/schemas.js');


The main schema file is schema/schema.json. Load that file in your validator.

NOTE: The schemas use relative addresses for $ref paths. If this causes a problem with the ruby-json-schema/json-schema gem, as a workaround you can pre-load all of the schemas by calling ADIWG::MdjsonSchemas::Utils::load_schemas before validation.


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