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Repository made for the SCHC Hackathon (IETF 102, Montreal)

  • make (or make repos)
    • -> automatically clones schc-test (from Dominique)
    • -> automatically clones micropython (version for Linux)

The sender/receiver code from schc-test had been copied/modified into a single file

Currently, the sender and the receivers can be run on Linux and communicate through lo (loopback), (sender) <-> (receiver)

How to run both:

  • make recv

    • -> runs micropython with " recv"
    • This creates a receiver for fragments
  • make send

    • -> runs micropython with " send"
    • This creates a sender for fragments which sends a large packet

Alternate with normal Python:

  • make cpy-recv -> same as make recv by with normal python3 (CPython)
  • make cpy-send -> same as make send by with normal python3 (CPython)

Alternate after make link

  • make link-recv -> same as make recv but inside one directory generated by make link (see below)
  • make link-send -> same as make send bur inside another directory generated by make link (see below)

  • make link
    • this creates a lots of links in project-X/ (where X=sending, receiving), the idea is that each project-X/ repository can be synchronized with a different pycom
    • By default devices are /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/ttyACM1, can change by adding a Makefile.local with

Notes: older micropython issues: in micropython, bytearray used tp accept only one argument, whereas in cpython you must have 2 arguments (e.g. with the encoding), if the first is a str; should be fine now.

There is some adaptation needed:

  • Globally, micropython for unix defines some version of modules with other names like "uXXX", e.g. usocket instead of socket, utime for time, etc., when they don't implement the full functionality of CPython modules
  • micropython for Pycom however, in many cases, re-use the Python names for "uXXX" modules (even if they are incomplete), or implement missing modules