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Django app for working with data from e621
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explore621 is a project that aims to explore what the furry subculture likes through the content it produces and consumes. Using e621 -- a popular art reposting site -- as a data set the project collects information both about what content we produce and what content we enjoy.

The Basics

Images are posted to e621 all the time! There are lots of them there, and more every day. This gives us quite a bit of data, but one of the benefits of the site is the rather stringent dedication to tagging that it has: every image must be tagged with information describing what's in it, who's in it, who created it, and so on. In addition to tagging, e621 lets you favorite and rate posts. Using these two bits of data, we can estimate how popular something is in furry media in terms of both creating and consumption.

Learning more

You can find out more by reading the documents included with this repository (which are mirrored on itself).

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