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R Client for the Adjust Statistics API

This is an R client for the Adjust KPI service. It supports all API functionalities through well documented functions.


The client is currently best installed installed via GitHub (using the devtools package):

> library(devtools)
> devtools::install_github('adjust/api-client-r');


Let's have a walk through the functionalities through a couple of examples. Start by loading the library.

> library(adjust)

Setup and Authentication

In order for you to access the KPI Service, you need to authenticate with user_token. Your user_token, once you supply it, will be used throughout the entire R session. Furthermore, you need to provide app_tokens for the requests.

You have three ways to authenticate and provide these settings.

Config File for UNIX Users

Since version 0.0.5, UNIX users can save their configurations in a file and the adjust package will automatically use these settings without having to explicitly authenticate in every R session. Using this feature will save you a lot of function calls that would otherwise have to be explicitly issued, as you see below.

The config file should be placed in your HOME (~/) directory and be named .adjustrc. The expected format is:

user_token: aYSsuEVhAMDQDyZ8kj2K
app_tokens: abcdefg,gfedcba

You can skip any of these settings and still use the rest. For example, you can only keep your user_token there for authentication, and provide app_tokens in a different way.

Using adjust.setup() Function

Even if you use the config file, you could still overwrite all settings there in an R session. To do this, you can use the adjust.setup() function or the set.user.token(), functions. See the help pages for each of those for more details and here is the example:

> adjust.setup(user.token='aYSsuEVhAMDQDyZ8kj2K', app.tokens=c('abcdefg', 'gfedcba'))

Provide app.tokens as Function Arguments.

Even if you use the config file, call adjust.setup() in your script, you can still pass app.tokens arguments to individual API calls. See the function descriptions for more details.

Statistics API calls

There are three functions that return KPI data from the API:

> adjust.deliverables()
> adjust.cohorts()

Once you've setup your user token and app tokens, then each of these calls will produce data for you straight away.

For details on any of those, you should refer to the help pages for example by ?adjust.deliverables as well as the KPI service documentation, cited above.

You can, more interestingly, also specify parameters:

> adjust.deliverables(start_date='2015-01-01', end_date='2015-01-10',
    countries=c('us', 'de'), kpis=c('clicks', 'sessions', 'installs'))

  tracker_token   tracker_name   clicks sessions installs
1        2yakhy   Twitter        19     369      0
2        26kvyi   Facebook       857    26251    311
3        3d7ly6   Adwords        1      0        0

A more complete example:

> adjust.deliverables(
    countries=c('us', 'de'),
    kpis=c('sessions', 'installs'),
    grouping=c('trackers', 'countries'),

For this function, you can issue calls for multiple app tokens at the same time and group for example by grouping=c('app', 'network').

Note that this function supports multiple app_tokens. This means that you can make calls like so:

> adjust.deliverables(app.tokens=c('abcd', 'efgh'), grouping=('app', 'networks'))

This will return KPI data for the two apps, grouped by the app and all its network trackers.

Custom API instances

For most users this functionality wouldn't be necessary, but the adjust R client allows for custom API hosts to be used. Check the function for more details.


The functions adjust.enable.verbose() and adjust.disable.verbose() will trigger verbose mode, which will output details on each API call, such as exact API URL used.

Contributions and bug reports.

Running the tests for development relies on the testthat package:

> library(testthat);
> test_file('tests/adjust.R');

Contributions and bug reports are only acceptable as GitHub Pull Requests and issues. Thanks!


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