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##Integrate adjust with Mixpanel SDK

The Mixpanel API allows to register common properties to be sent in all activities as super properties, as it is explained in the Mixpanel page. To integrate adjust with all tracked events of Mixpanel, you must set the super properties after receiving the attribution data. Follow the steps of the delegate callbacks chapter in our iOS SDK guide to implement it. The delegate function can be set as the following, to use the Mixpanel API:

- (void)adjustAttributionChanged:(ADJAttribution *)attribution {
    Mixpanel *mixpanel = [Mixpanel sharedInstance];

    // The adjust properties will be sent
    // with all future track calls.
    if ( != nil)
        [mixpanel registerSuperProperties:@{@"[Adjust]Network":}];
    if (attribution.campaign != nil)
        [mixpanel registerSuperProperties:@{@"[Adjust]Campaign": attribution.campaign}];
    if (attribution.adgroup != nil)
        [mixpanel registerSuperProperties:@{@"[Adjust]Adgroup":  attribution.adgroup}];
    if (attribution.creative != nil)
        [mixpanel registerSuperProperties:@{@"[Adjust]Creative": attribution.creative}];

Before you implement this interface, please take care to consider possible conditions for usage of some of your data.