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The "standard" Keyboardio Model 01 Firmware sketch.
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Amos' Keyboardio Model 01 Firmware

I started with the original firmware and am modifying it to fit my own style and workflow. Thank you to the team for the start to get going on my own firmware.

Things I've tried

  • Put bracket keys on the same keys as modifiers. This caused a lot of typos so I took it out.
  • move numbers to the home row on a new layer
  • put f keys on the number row so that I don't need to use palm keys to get there
  • have extra f keys under a palm key layer
  • use tap dance to have the space key act as a period if double tapped
  • make butterfly into alt ctrl shift space for Alfred opening
  • set fn q to |> for elixir dev

Download and install

make flash

When the builder tells you to hit Enter to continue, hold down "Prog" in the top left corner of your keyboard and hit Enter.

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