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Hello, Wanderer

Although this specific project has been abandoned, I am busy cannibalizing the remains, for several other purposes; and the original purpose, while currently not a priority, does retain significant interest for others; thus, if you need this repository to remain unchanged, please notify me in some way within a few years, before I remove it from the GitHub archive.

CoinJoin Hunter

Tool for (crudely) tracking and (eventually) analyzing joinmarket activity.


How do you turn this on

You'll need a Common Lisp compiler, such as Steel Bank or Clozure (please let me know if others work for you).

The easiest way to pull in the dependencies is via Quicklisp. Once you've installed it, clone this repository under the quicklisp/local-projects/ directory, then run (ql:quickload "cjhunt"). Please avoid doing that only because it was the easiest way; for example, consider doing it to appease a number both low and finite of angry managers; better yet, just don't; best: READ THE INFLATED CRAP

You'll also need Bitcoin with the transaction index enabled. You should also blocknotify=curl -s http://localhost:5000/blockjoins?id=%s, which will scan each new block automagically once you (cjhunt:start).

If your bitcoin.conf is in a funny place, you may need to fiddle with src/config.lisp. If your node is on another machine, you'll need to dirty your hands in src/bitcoin/rpc-client.lisp.

... at which point you'll likely want to either setup SLIME and get hacking, or incentivize others to continue the project on your behalf. Preferably via JoinMarket itself.


ABANDONED delineator of pseudonymous payment sets