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Timesheet and Expense tracking system for the web. Build with Python & Django. Interfaces to Saasu.
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Adlibre TMS

Adlibre TMS is a Timesheet and Expense tracking system for the cloud and online business. Designed with contractors and consultants in mind, yet it is flexible enough to bend to fit almost any business. It uses a three dimensional paradigm of "Consultant", "Client" and "Service" to describe work activity. This is flexible to adjust to your needs, without being too complex or convoluted to configure.


  • Interfaces - Engineered specifically to provide (web service) interfaces to popular SaaS accounting packages. (Currently Saasu are supported)
    • Point and click invoicing
    • Point and click expense claims
    • Plugs into Adlibre DMS for storing the supporting documentation for expenses. (Coming soon)
  • Reports - 4 standard reports are available. It's easy to extend and to write your own.
  • Skinable, brandable, integrate it into your other web applications. Intranet ready.
  • Pony powered with Python and Django.
  • Open Source - hackable...

Saasu Integration

More information regarding the Saasu setup can be found in docs/


Online Demo

There is an online demonstration site available. The site refreshes every 60 minutes, so feel free to make changes:


Within a clean virtualenv run the following command to install Adlibre TMS and all required packages:


pip install git+git://


pip install -e git+git://

For detailed in installation instructions read


Adlibre TMS is developed and commercially supported by Adlibre.

More information is available at:

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