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Buy, Sell, Bye

An ad listing site for finding the next treasure you didn't know you needed

Getting Started

To get started with this project, follow these steps:


  • In the directory you wish this project to live, run the command git clone note ---> this will create a folder named adlistero/ with the project inside of it
  • Navigate into the newly created directory with cd adlistero
  • Find the client/ directory with cd src/main/java/adlister/main/client/
  • From the client/ directory, run npm install to add the necessary dependencies for this project

Starting the servers

  • To start the client side server, run npm start from the client/ directory.
    • This server runs on localhost:3000.
      If there is an error, run killall -u <yourUserName> to ensure there are no running servers
    • This server will automatically update the page upon changes made, including CSS
  • To start the Tomcat backend server, find the MainController in adlistero/src/main/java/adlister/main/
  • Be sure to reimport Maven to install the dependencies necessary
  • Right click the file, and select run MainController to start a Tomcat server on localhost:8080
  • Any changes made to the Java code, will require a redeploy of the server

Connecting to a database

  • In the util/ directory, located in ../src/main/java/adlister/util/, create a Config class.
  • This class will store your database credentials
  • Follow the format provided in SampleConfig

Tech Stack

This application uses Java, MySQL, and React / Redux.
Using Spring, the backend serves a RESTful API, consumed by the React front end.


Ensure that you are on your own branch before making edits.

Sample Workflow

  • Determine your branch by executing git branch
  • If master is the result, run git checkout -b <branchName to create, and switch to the new branch
  • Make desired changes
  • Stage the changes by running git add <editedFile> or git add . to stage every file
  • Commit with git commit -m "<yourCommitMessage>"
  • Set the upstream ( default push path ), by running git push -u origin <yourBranchName>
    • If unsure about the remote name ( origin in the above case ), run git remote -v to check your remotes ( Remotes are usually Github Repositories )
  • Push to your own branch with git push origin <myBranchName> or simply git push if upstream was set

Editing client side


  • CSS is imported into each .js file
  • If the .js file name is Header.js, the corresponding CSS will be Header.css
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