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a graphical user interface for publishing to the learning registry
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Great addition, makes it much more explicit as to the fields that only have a finite set of values. The only (very very very small) concern I have is if someone in a csv wanted to map the rows individually to submitter_type or something then they cannot do it with this interface. It's so unlikely that would ever happen, though, that we can merge now and change it if the feature is requested in the future.
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LR Publisher

LR Publisher is a graphical user interface designed for publishing resource description documents to a Learning Registry node ( It is designed to ease with development and testing of the Learning Registry service APIs, as well as to familiarize new users to the data model of the LR.

Features include:

  • Ability to create and publish a resource data description document in a graphical environment.
  • The ability to save documents created in the editor, as well as load existing documents.
  • A history feature that keeps track of the documents that have been published using the tool.
  • CSV import that allows you to map CSV rows to LR resource description fields, then publish all of the rows as individual documents.
  • Digital signature support using LR-PGP 1.0

Feature requests are welcomed and may be filed as issues in this repository.

Supported Systems / Dependencies

The following operating systems are supported for both development and runtime:

  • Windows (requires gtk-sharp)
  • OSX / Linux (requires mono)


git clone
cd lr-publisher
git submodule init
git submodule update

If you just want the binaries, you can find them in the Downloads section.

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