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The Learning Record Store (LRS) and client prototype deliverables from the original "Project Tin Can" BAA effort.
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Project Tin Can Prototypes



This package contains server and client prototypes for the Tin Can API.

  • Client prototypes (see ClientPrototypes/index.html for details)
    • GolfExample_TCAPI : a converted SCORM course
    • JsTetris_TCAPI : Tetris
    • Locator_TCAPI : a location based activity
    • TinCanViewer : basic, and activity-specific reporting
  • LRS server prototype -- provides LRS functionality, except as described in known issues section

Client Samples Installation

Place the ClientPrototypes folder on a web server, and note the URL to ClientPrototypes/index.html. This is the url you will launch in your browser to run the client prototypes.

LRS (Learning Record Store) Installation

Prerequisite Installation

  • install mongodb (version 2.0.0 or later is required)
  • install node.js
  • install the following node modules (npm install <module>)
    • async
    • mongodb (this is the node driver for mongodb, and is needed in addition to mongodb itself)

LRS installation

  • Place the LRS folder in the location you want to run the LRS

Tips for Installation on Windows

  • DL and unpack mongo as per current github instructions
    • add /bin full path to %Path% env variable
  • DL and unpack node as per current github instructions
    • add node.exe full path to %Path% env variable
    • make folder c:\node_modules
  • download async
    • unpack into c:\node_modules\async
  • download mongodb driver
    • unpack into c:\node_modules\mongodb
  • copy 'ClientPrototypes' folder to web server root (wwwroot for IIS)
    • Launch MongoDB
    • open cmd line
    • > mongod
  • Run LRS
    • open cmd line
    • navigate to /LRS folder in project
    • > node LRS.js
  • Launch http://localhost/ClientPrototypes



  • By default the LRS runs on port 8080 and is accessable from other machines. If you wish to use a different port, or restrict access to the local machine or a specific IP, edit LRS/config.js.
  • Ensure mongo db (mongod) is running. You may simply launch a terminal and run mongod there.
  • Launch the lrs. In the directory "TinCan_Prototypes/LRS", type: node lrs.js
    • You should see:
      • Mongo DB version: 2.0.0
      • DB 'local' Initialized


  • If you will not be running the prototypes locally on the machine the LRS is installed on, then edit ClientPrototypes/prototypeConfig.js and set PROTOTYPE_ENDPOINT to use hostname and port to reference where you have installed the LRS.
  • Verify the LRS endpoint in your browser by navigating to the URL: <endpoint>/statements?limit=1
    • You should be prompted to log in, the credentials are: test/password
    • You should then see: [] , or JSON of a statement if statements have already been stored for this LRS.
  • Launch: ClientPrototypes/index.html (from your web server in your browser, not from the file system)

Known Issues

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