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The VW Sandbox Manual

This is the repository for the VW Sandbox Manual. The manual provides users with information to use the VW Sandbox.

Building the documentation

  1. Install MkDocs
  2. git clone
  3. mkdocs serve

The mkdocs serve command will generate the documentation and host it at http://localhost:8000 by default.

NOTE: It is good practice to build the documentation locally before deploying to prevent build errors. If a build error does occur on the readthedocs site, check the Builds page from the lower left hand corner link labeled Read the Docs.

General Style

Use the name "VW Sandbox" when refering to the software.

Highlight menu items (e.g., File > Save), tools (e.g., Painter), windows (e.g., Map Browser), keyboard buttons (e.g., ALT), and single lines of code (e.g., var = foo;) using backtick quotes(`).


Use relative links between documents rather than absolute links wherever possible to support maximum flexibility in testing and deployment.

When linking to a section in the same document, simply use # and the header name in lower case with "-" (separator) in place of spaces. So if we are linking to "Header Name" in the same document, we'd use:

[Link to section in the same document](#header-name)

If you are linking to a different document or a section in a different document, you must include the document in the link:

[Link to section in another document](

Titles and Tables of Contents

Use <h1> HTML header tags for titles of documents to prevent the titles of documents appearing twice in navigation table of contents.

<h1>Title of Document</h1>

Use <h2> HTML header tags for the title of document table of contents. Use the word "Contents" in the <h2> tags. Below the <h2> tags, add the markdown [TOC] extension, which will generate the table of contents.


Notes and Warnings

The documentation settings include the admonition markdown extension.

If you want to make a note, use:

!!! note:
	A clear and concise note.

If you want to add a warning, use:

!!! warning:
	Careful not to ...


The documentation settings also include the SmartyPants markdown extension.

If you want to make a dash, write it using -- (two hyphens). These will be replaced to produce the appropriate HTML Entity.

Embedded comments

If you want o provide a comment in the manual to guide further development of the manual (e.g, add information about XYZ here), then create a markdown comment using:

[comment]: <> (add information about XYZ here)

Contribute to Documentation

Please contribute to the documentation.

The documentation is written in Markdown Syntax and generated using MkDocs. It is version controlled in this GitHub repository. Commits to the master branch are automatically built and published to the documentation website hosted by Read the Docs. The following style guide should help ensure a consistent reading experience.

For more information on contributing to the project, view the full documentation for contributing.