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A Tool to help import the content of the Learning Registry into a data store of your choice
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This is a small utility to help pull the data from the Learning Registry into a datastore of your choice.


LR-Data requires:

Platform-Specific Requirements:

On OS X, you will also need libevent, which can be installed with homebrew: brew install libevent


Run pip install -U -r requirements.txt


All configuration is done in the src/ file. For information of configuring Celery please see their document. For lr-data configuration modify

`config = {

"lrUrl": "",




    "host": "localhost",

    "port": 27017,













set insertTask to be the celery task you wish to use to save the data and modify validationTask to be your validation task


To start run celryd -B from the source directory. To run as a deamon follow these instructions

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