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a graphical user interface for publishing to the learning registry
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LR Publisher

LR Publisher is a graphical user interface designed for publishing resource description documents to a Learning Registry node ( It is designed to ease with development and testing of the Learning Registry service APIs, as well as to familiarize new users to the data model of the LR.

Features include:

  • Ability to create and publish a resource data description document in a graphical environment.
  • The ability to save documents created in the editor, as well as load existing documents.
  • A history feature that keeps track of the documents that have been published using the tool.
  • CSV import that allows you to map CSV rows to LR resource description fields, then publish all of the rows as individual documents.
  • Digital signature support using LR-PGP 1.0

Feature requests are welcomed and may be filed as issues in this repository.

Supported Systems / Dependencies

The following operating systems are supported for both development and runtime:

  • Windows (requires gtk-sharp)
  • OSX / Linux (requires mono)


git clone
cd lr-publisher
git submodule init
git submodule update

If you just want the binaries, you can find them in the Downloads section.

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