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This repository

JavaScript, HTML and CSS code for the simulation modules of the Visual Chemical Engineering Project.

About the VCE project

The vce project aims to deliver chemical engineering principles in a way that sticks. We place you in control of common unit operations with dynamic, graphics-driven feedback. Under the bonnet, vce is powered by years of chemical engineering knowledge, brought to you through the power of p5.js, Plotly and more.

🎬Live interactive demos (click the images!)

VCE about screenshot

VCE about screenshot


We welcome contributions big and small. If you'd like to contribute or help with a simulation module, please get in touch at If you think you've found a bug please check the exisiting Issues first and add a new Issue if its not there already. We accept Pull Requests!


Just clone or download this repository and open any of the html files in [/apps/*/html/test/] in your browser (note: it's easiest to navigate to a given test directory in your file explorer and double-click the file you want to run). That's it! All dependencies are bundled with the repository or auto-downloaded. The latest stable version of each module can be found on

Credit where credit due

The VCE modules rely on a number of third-party libraries to create the user interface, render objects to the canvas and simulate the particle physics, letting us get on with the chemical engineering side of things! These include: