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#ADMB Project
*Released December 11, 2015*
Describe changes and features for each release.
Release Notes
The goals for all releases are
* Continually improve algorithms
* Add new requested features
* Correct defects (bugs)
* Continually streamline installation and build process
* Continually improve and update documentation
####New Supported Compilers
* GNU C++ 6.1 and 5.3
* Rtools 3.4
####Changes and Improvements
* Added floating point checking into tpl2cpp and tpl2rem.
To check for floating point errors, build executable with -g option.
$ admb -g "model.tpl"
Run executable with debugger (such as gdb) to locate file and line number
where error occured.
$ gdb ./model
* Configured and automated builds for ADMB-IDE.
* Merged Anders Nielsen bug fixes and new features such as vectorize.
* Able to use Rtools\bin\make to build admb from source.
* Replaced rgamma function.
* Fixed numerous bugs and added various improvements.
####Developers changes
* Added tool for checking for testing code coverage.
####New Supported Compilers
* Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0
* Intel C++ 2016
* GNU C++ 5.1
####Changes and Improvements
* Change to Dave Fournier's version of cspline.cpp.
* Added Dave Fournier's memory leak patches.
* Fixed memory leaks reported by Valgrind and XCode.
* Added more api documentation.
* mfexp will call ad_exit if computed result is not in range.
* Added more unit tests for better code coverage.
* Fixed MacOS ADMBTerminal from opening two terminals.
* Other bug fixes and improvements
####Changes and Improvements
* Fixed unix shared builds.
* Other bug fixes and improvements
####Changes and Improvements
* Steve Martell's changes to gamma function.
* Other bug fixes and improvements
####Changes and Improvements
* Default safe libs include overflows checks.
* Changes to derivative checker prompts.
* Added description documentation to the programming interface.
* Improvements to admb scripts (see New Features).
* Added more unit tests for improved code coverage.
* Fixed reported and found bugs.
* Fixed compilers warnings.
* Add more checks in admb scripts to test for errors.
* Added Quickstart*.txt markup documentation for building and using ADMB.
* User interface: Windows admb bash script has a .sh extension to avoid
conflict with batch file. So in MinGW or Cygwin shell, user will need
to use
[~/admb/examples/admb/simple/]$ ~/admb/admb.sh simple
* Fixed 'admb -d' for unix, mingw and cygwin shells.
* Able to use Rtools for building, but will need to use the utilities\make.exe
for building.
* Improved the build by restructuring and reworking the GNUmakefiles file.
* Able to use parallel build option (-j) with verify and contrib targets for
faster builds.
* To build with optimized libraries use fast option (-f) instead of (-o).
$ admb -f model.tpl
* Fix shared (libadmb.so) and dynamic (admb.dll) builds.
[~/admb/]$ make shared
C:\admb\> utilities\make shared
Note — This is great for testing linker errors.
* Added contributed method to save gradient values to a file.
Contributed by Jiashen Tang and David Fournier.
* Added back the MacOS binary ADMBTerminal app.
* Packaged mingw compilers (32 and 64 bit) with windows installers.
* admb scripts can determine which parser (tpl2cpp or tpl2rem) to use.
[~/admb/examples/admb-re/union/]$ ~/admb/admb union
_Note: Option *-r* is no longer needed to build the random effects model._
* Separate build/dist and build/debug for easily switching between the both.
* Allow > 2GB buffers for MinGW-w64 builds.
####New Supported Compilers
* GNU C++ 4.8 compiler
* Apple XCode 6
* MinGW 64 Bit
* Microsoft C++ 2013
_Note: Borland 5.5 compiler is no longer supported._
####New Features
* Add debug target to build files.
$ make debug
* Add shared target to build files (Unix only).
$ make shared
* admb scripts can be called directly and do not require setting enviromental variables
For Unix,
[~/admb/example/admb/simple/]$ ~/admb/admb simple
For Windows,
C:\admb\example\admb\simple\> C:\admb\admb simple
* admb scripts can build C++ source files and link.
For Unix,
[~/admb/example/admb/simple/]$ ~/admb/admb simple.tpl mysource.cpp
For Windows,
C:\admb\example\admb\simple\> C:\admb\admb simple.tpl mysource.cpp
* admb scripts have a new option -f for optimized library "OPT_LIB".
For Unix,
[~/admb/example/admb/simple/]$ ~/admb/admb -f simple.tpl mysource.cpp
For Windows,
C:\admb\example\admb\simple\> C:\admb\admb -f simple.tpl mysource.cpp
* admb scripts have a new option -c for only building object files.
Both commands below will only build simple.o and mysource.o compiled object files.
The model application will not be built.
For Unix,
[~/admb/example/admb/simple/]$ ~/admb/admb -c simple.tpl mysource.cpp
For Windows,
C:\admb\example\admb\simple\> C:\admb\admb -c simple.tpl mysource.cpp
_Note: This is the almost the same as using 'adcomp mysource'._
####Priorities: Next Release
The following are planned or requested features for the next release.
- [ ] Add Threading Support (High)
- [ ] Write Design Documentation (High)
- [ ] Write Developer Documentation (High)
- [ ] Atan2
*Released May 10, 2013*
* Updated Visual Studio nmake build files.
* Improved Unix build files.
* Only outdated files are rebuilt.
* Fast parallel building with source distribution
[~/admb/]$ make -j
* Building from source will create distribution folder in 'build/dist' instead of 'build/os-compiler-arch'.
* Combined mulitple libraries to a single library 'libadmb.a'.
* Reverted some algorithms to previous version-9 code.
* The compilation scripts (adcomp, adlink, admb) compile in "safe" mode by
* added 's' option with the Ctrl^C
* contributed libraries are built with the main libraries.
* flex is not needed to build ADMB, but it is needed to develop the tpl2cpp.lex
and tpl2rem.lex files.
* Improved documentation.
####New Features
* admb script can now build tpl models without the need to set ADMB_HOME
or PATH. For example,
[~/admb-11.1/examples/admb/simple/]$ ~/admb-11.1/admb simple
* Functions from user-contributed packages can be loaded from
directory 'contrib'. Read 'contrib/README.txt'.
* New class 'init_table' to read input data into a matrix.
* New function sumsq() to calculate sum of squared values,
equivalent to norm2().
* New constant PI for 3.141593... Makes models more portable
than using M_PI or other compiler-specific constants.
* New shell command 'ad2csv' to write binary files to screen
or to a file.
* admb is now able to handle .obj, .cpp and .tpl files on
the commandline.
For example,
$ admb model.tpl supportcode.cpp anotherfile.cpp
Output is executable 'model'.
####Bug Fixes
* Catch exit errors for adlink and adcomp.
* Watch out for spaces in admb scripts
* Fix memory leaks.
Changes 9.2 to 11.0
* Fixed gammln functions
* Fixed configure script
* Fixed atan2 functions
* Documentation changes
* Script changes
* Various bug fixes
For help and support, email <users@admb-project.org>.