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ADMB Quick Start for ADMBTerminal

Released January 17, 2020

Describe downloading, installing and using ADMBTerminal from binary release for MacOS.

PrerequisiteApple Developer Tools (XCode) and the command line tools must be installed.

To install or update command line tools, use the command below in the MacOS Terminal, then click "Install" button in the window.

[~]% xcode-select --install

Quick Start

  1. Download

    For MacOS 64-bit, download admb-12.1-ADMBTerminal-macos-64bit.dmg.

  2. Install

    Double click downloaded dmg file.

    In the mounted disk image, drag ADMBTerminal into the /Applications folder.

    Note — To allow ADMBTerminal to open in MacOS, open Security & Privacy in the System Preferences, then click Open Anyway for the ADMBTerminal.

  3. Use ADMB

    Drag examples folder from mounted disk image to home directory.

    Change to the simple example directory.

    [~]% cd examples/admb/simple

    Build the simple example.

    [~/examples/admb/simple/]% admb simple

    Run the simple example.

    [~/examples/admb/simple/]% ./simple

    Read manuals for more information.

For help and support, contact

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