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AD Studio

Main features

  • Dedicated environment for developing ADMB and TMB models
  • Uses the C++ compiler from Rtools
  • Based on the Emacs editor, but with simplified keybindings
  • Especially good support for R, LaTeX, Markdown, GDB, and Git
  • Flexible layout to arrange multiple files on screen
  • Unification and successor of earlier ADMB-IDE and TMB-IDE

Download version 1.0

22 Jan 2018

Latest edition of the manual

9 Jan 2019

"Emacs admb-mode and tmb-mode without the Emacs"

One of the main goals of AD Studio is to make the convenient Emacs features of admb-mode and tmb-mode available to non-Emacs users. In other words, to disable the standard Emacs behavior.

Experienced Emacs users may prefer to ignore the AD Studio .emacs file, and simply install and load ADMB Mode (admb.el) and TMB Mode (tmb.el) like other Emacs packages. They are written as standard "major modes" that follow all Emacs mode conventions.