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A Selenium IDE Extension for Integrating with Flex-Pilot for Flex Automation
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Selenium IDE Flex-Pilot Plugin:

A Selenium IDE plugin for integrating with Flex-Pilot, for Flex automation.


  • Flex Recorder
  • Flex Explorer
  • Flex-Pilot Selenium API additions


Apache License, Version 2


* Install exactly the same way you would any other Firefox Extension, just keep in mind that it requires Selenium IDE.
* Restart Selenium IDE after installation for changes to become available.

* For your Flex application to be testable, the FlexPilot bindings must be setup in your application. 
	Steps are outlined -  "HERE":


* To record, click the red record button in Selenium IDE (that you normally would use to record)
* Record your test

* To explore, create a new Command in the Selenium IDE starting with flex*
* Click the button labeled "Flex Explorer"

* At anytime you can turn the explorer off by clicking on a flash object
* At anytime you can turn off the flash explorer by again clicking on the red record button

Selenium RC

* Download user-extensions.js from the root of this repo and specify that Selenium RC use that

Selenium RC Client Libraries

* Ruby:
* Python:
* Java:

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