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createFirefox() and createChrome() fail #1

jdalton opened this Issue Mar 10, 2011 · 10 comments


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jdalton commented Mar 10, 2011

I'm using Cygwin and jellyfish.createFirefox() returns Caught unexpected error: Bad argument and jellyfish.createChrome() returns something about killed browser. jellyfish.createZombie() works.


admc commented Mar 10, 2011

Hey, thanks for trying this out in cygwin, so far I have only been working on it in Mac and linux, but I will install it and see if I can do some debugging tonight. Most likely the browser launchers are just looking in the wrong places to find the binaries.


wavded commented Aug 22, 2011

I'm on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty, and Firefox 6 loads but doesn't 'go' to the site I specified. Just sits at my homepage. Using the code from jelly.io webpage. Is there support for 11.04?


admc commented Aug 22, 2011

Is there any chance I can get you to clone the jellyfish repo and run:
node test/envs/test.firefox.js

The output there should give me a better idea of what's going on.


wavded commented Aug 22, 2011

i get:

firefox : 2bddbb38-3aad-4c6e-8c11-6007f69374a3 - {"result":false,"path":"../stub/example_file.js","runTime":0}

And then it pauses and hangs there, have to stop the script with CTRL-C.

wavded commented Aug 22, 2011

if I run the app I and try to go to a site from there I get:

$ jellyfish firefox                                                                          
(firefox): browser.go('http://jelly.io');
{ startURL: 'http://jelly.io/',
  tid: 'b0002b86-6235-4410-a491-e326c183e1e1',
   { 'b0002b86-6235-4410-a491-e326c183e1e1': 
      { global: [Circular],
        process: [Object],
        GLOBAL: [Circular],
        root: [Circular],
        Buffer: [Object],
        setTimeout: [Function],
        setInterval: [Function],
        clearTimeout: [Function],
        clearInterval: [Function],
        console: [Object],
        b: [Function: TreeBuilder],
        t: [Function: HTML5Tokenizer],
        p: [Function: TrailingEndPhase],
        PHASES: [Object],
        firefox: [Function],
        chrome: [Function],
        safari: [Function],
        jellyfish: [Function],
        e: 'webdriver',
        m: '2',
        methodName: 'stop',
        encoding: 'utf8' } },
  port: 46286,
  frame: null,
  live: false,
  jfComplete: false,
   [ { meth: 'run',
       qid: '8aa29bb9-099d-4725-a1cd-9df85d52a6ba',
       code: 'window.location.href=\'http://jelly.io\'',
       cb: undefined } ],
  resolve: {},
  frames: {},
  config: {},
  opts: {},
  log: [ [ 'output', 'started server', 'b0002b86-6235-4410-a491-e326c183e1e1 on port 0' ] ],
  startTime: 1314036410,
  start: [Function],
  name: 'firefox',
   { connections: 0,
     allowHalfOpen: true,
     watcher: { host: [Circular], callback: [Function] },
     _events: { request: [Function], connection: [Function: connectionListener], listening: [Function] },
     httpAllowHalfOpen: false,
     type: 'tcp4',
     fd: 5 },
  init: [Function],
  js: [Function],
  go: [Function],
  stop: [Function],
  bin: '/usr/bin/firefox',
  target: { start: [Function], stop: [Function] },
  bid: '5c24d748-f12a-4896-8313-87bd9a9762d9',
  version: 3 }

The browser doesn't go to that web page however.


admc commented Aug 22, 2011

Thanks, ill setup ubuntu on my bigger machine when I get home and see if I can't debug it. The code for setting the firefox proxy must be broken on linux.

wavded commented Aug 22, 2011

ok thx!

wavded commented Aug 23, 2011

hmm odd it worked now for me. I had to update the `test.firefox.js' script to include jellyfish like this:

  , jellyfish = required('../../lib/main');

instead of

  , jellyfish = require('jellyfish');

otherwise I would get a package not found error, even if I installed jellyfish globally and did an npm install on the directory. for testing, wouldn't you want to require it the above way instead? so it relies on the package contents itself? or do you have another step I'm missing?

wavded commented Aug 23, 2011

chrome test hung for me, does jelly.io support chromium out of the box (I run that instead of straight chrome)?

wavded commented Aug 23, 2011

noticed one other thing. I believe the reason Firefox wasn't working before.

If I have no Firefox running, I see that it loads a new profile and then runs tests against that.

If I have an existing Firefox open it looks like it uses that profile and then just doesn't work.

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