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@@ -26,7 +26,15 @@ Forgotten, but once used
-**JavaScript Architect**, *Sauce Labs.* March 2010 – Current
+**Director of Web Development**, *Sauce Labs.* February 2012 – Current
+ - Building a roadmap for front-end development, hiring a team of engineers to make it a reality.
+ - Continuing to improve the Sauce Labs user experience and product messaging.
+ - Contributing to decision making in regards to the direction of our products and focus on the software tools and development markets.
+ - Playing technical point when it comes to integrations and partnerships.
+**JavaScript Architect**, *Sauce Labs.* March 2010 – February 2012
Building intuitive web based applications to help users setup and utilize the Sauce OnDemand cloud testing service.
- This includes the Sauce Labs JumpStart on-ramping system.
@@ -122,4 +130,4 @@ Music
I have played electric and acoustic guitar for 10 years, and like to keep up on my tablature reading
and song libraries. I was inspired by seeing Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani in concert in Spokane Washington.

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