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Tue Aug 1 03:25:46 PDT 1995 Anthony Martin <>
* Fix it so that big endian systems write a little endian file
Also, write null characters after the label in stl_write_binary
Tue Aug 1 03:25:46 PDT 1995 Anthony Martin <>
* Change stl_fill_holes so that duplicate facets are not likely
to be generated. Should improve quality of filled holes.
Wed Aug 2 16:56:03 PDT 1995 Anthony Martin <>
* Add support for generating shared vertices
* Move fclose(stl->fp) to stl_open()
Tue Oct 31 13:56:25 PST 1995 Anthony Martin <>
* Don't use area any more to see whether or not the normal should
be calculated. Just go ahead and calculate the normal, and let the
code in stl_normalize vector() take care of the case of a normal
with zero area.
* Changes call to stl_check_normal_vector() in stl_add_facet() so
that it doesn't check the normal vector after it adds it. Just
caused accounting error for normals fixed.
Wed Nov 1 08:39:17 PST 1995 Anthony Martin <>
* Initialize normal vector to 0,0,0 when a new facet is added.
Sat Jan 20 23:43:01 PST 1996 Anthony Martin <>
* stlinit.c Initialize pointers to NULL. Check whether they have
been allocated before free()ing them. Duh.
Thu Jan 25 16:02:57 PST 1996 Anthony Martin <>
* shared.c Add fclose(fp); to stl_write_off().
* stl_io.c Add dxf write capability
* shared.c Add vrml write capability
Fri Jul 26 11:31:50 PDT 1996 Anthony Martin <>
* Update normals after rotation
* Add code to calculate the volume of the part
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