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AASX Package Explorer

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AASX Package Explorer is a C# based viewer / editor for the Asset Administration Shell.


To help you familiarize with the concept of Asset Administration Shell we provide the screencasts (both in English and German) at:

For further information about the Asset Administration Shell, see the publication Details of the Asset Administration Shell by Plattform Industrie 4.0.

We provide a couple of sample admin shells (packaged as .aasx) for you to test and play with the software at:


We provide the binaries for Windows 10 in the releases.

(Remark: In special cases you may like to use a current build. Please click on a green check mark and select "Check-release" details.)


If you want to request new features or report bugs, please create an issue.


The latest documentation for developers is available on this page.

If you want to contribute in code, see Section "Getting started".

Other Open Source Implementations of AAS

At the time of this writing (2020-08-14), we are aware of the following related implementations of asset administration shells (AAS):

While these projects try to implement a wider scope of programatic features, AASX Package Explorer, in contrast, is a tool with graphical user interface meant for experimenting and demonstrating the potential of asset administration shells targeting tech-savvy and less technically-inclined users alike.

The AASX Package Explorer also includes an internal REST server and OPC UA server for the loaded .AASX. Based on this a separate AASX Server is available ( which can host several .AASX simultanously (see example