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Add Users to Droplet
Basic Lemp Droplet

Al's example Ansible Code I use to setup a LEMP server from Ubunutu Digital Ocean droplet template

Al example Ansible code i use to setup a Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP Stack from a Ubuntu 16.04 Digital Ocean droplet template.

Add Users to Droplet

  • Install Phyton 2 on the Server
  • Resets the root password to a know passord
  • Add new admin users to server, copys their public SSH keys to the server add to them sudo users group
  • Disable root login and password login in SSHD and Restarts SSHD

Basic Lemp Droplet

  • Upgrade all packages to the latest version
  • Install Nginx, MySQL, PHP
  • Set Mysql password and Harden Mysql Instal
  • Copy PHP.INI,VSFTP config files to correct location and restarts vsftp and PHP7 services