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train real-world Linux administration tasks in preconfigured VirtualMachines
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admindojo is a free, interactive Linux tutorial for (junior) sysadmins. Using local virtual machines, admindojo provides real-world scenarios in real environments.

This repository contains all trainings available.

Visit for more information.

Basic Usage

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Change into cloned repo
  3. Change to a training directory
    • e.g. cd webserver-apache-basic-1-ub18
  4. Type vagrant up
    • Vagrant will now build the VM. The first run can take a while
  5. Type vagrant ssh
    • You're now inside the VM and can start the training
  6. Run admindojo for instructions

Bugs and Feedback

Feedback and bug reports are highly welcome!

Please create a new issue at github


To create new trainings please see admindojo\development\

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