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Aqeel Akber’s personal website

See and enjoy

I wrote this website for mobile first with a KISS philosophy from scratch. I wanted to see how beautiful of a reading experience I can create for the reader with nothing but the basics.

You will find the code for this website is very basic indeed. Just standard HTML, CSS, JavaScript. This was my challenge. A reduced pallete. I try to fit as much goodness and joy out of it as possible.

I have put little to no effort into optimising it for performance. I wanted the reader to be able to right click, view source, and be able to understand what I did if they wanted. Teaching / Sharing / Learning are part of what I want this website to instill. Because it is so basic, and honestly it’s my personal blog so I don’t get much traffic, I’m not concerned about the performance hit of serving comments in my code to the user.

Visual design inspired by minimalism, scientific journal articles, and originally by

The user experience is designed for comfortable reading like a book and app like familiarity.

Making your own blog and contributing

Feel free to fork, you will want to delete everything in _posts and blog and fill it in with your own content.

Once you’re up and running, I would appreciate a backlink or shoutout if you can and please let me know about your blog!

Using GitHub issues for communications

  1. If you’re interesting in making a blog but are newbie and really stuck, make an issue with the how-do-i-even tag. I’m happy to help you on this journey and I hope others will too. No question to silly. Yay 😊
  2. If you’re a bit more experienced but you still don’t get how something is working use the question tag. If it’s about something of the content of my blog, best make a comment on the website itself.
  3. If you find something wrong with my website, please report it with either the: bug or invalid tags. Please include your operating system, browser version, and a screenshot of the issue.
  4. I would love to hear your ideas for enhancements

Generated with Jekyll

This website is compiled with Jekyll. I like it. It’s dead simple. Perfect for this project.

Commit Transparency

Hosting on GitHub pages provides transparency. You may observe the commit history. Keep me honest.

PGP Signing

You can see that I have PGP signed my commits, personally validating their content. If you trust my PGP key, you can trust the content is me.

Org files

I have always been an org user and now thanks to org-octopress I can write my blog posts in org too. The org source files are uploaded in blog.

Without content, a website is worthless. Integrating my org workflow has made it mentally easier for me to generate more awesome content.