Simply emacs and a few useful packages so you can get on with it.
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simplemacs, nothing complex.


Simplemacs is the configuration you give your keen newbie hacker friend when introducing them the wonderful world of emacs.

Simplemacs is the configuration you use when you just want to GTD.

Ugh, yet another emacs configuration I hear you say, and yes I can’t deny that. Let me place this one relative to others with a table:

Small / SimpleLarge / Complex
Neatsimplemacsoh-my-emacs, spacemacs
Messyold mate’s dotfiles.emacs bankrupt

It’s basically old mate’s dotfiles, where old mate is obsessive about neat code, loves org-mode, and minimalism. The entire repository should be self documenting, and concise. Have a browse!

Quick start

Step zero

Install emacs version > 24.4

Step one

Back up your existing stuff and clone it in.

mv ~/.emacs.d ~/.emacs.d.bak
git clone ~/.emacs.d

Step two

If you want to use notmuch in emacs, be sure to edit modules/ and uncomment the region in init.el

Step three

Run emacs.

If it doesn’t work, try run M-x list-packages to update the cache, and open emacs again.

(Optional) Step four

Install the included helper script emc into your $PATH.

You can then call this to use emacs in client / daemon mode transparently.

The so called “modules”

Simplemacs makes no attempt to create a unified configuration wrapper or anything like that. It’s emacs configuration by the UNIX Philosophy, find the appropriate file for the package and edit it yourself.

init.elNoneStart here
modules/package.orgNonePackage management
modules/org.orgNoneBeloved Org mode
modules/aesthetics.orgNoneTheme to your taste here
modules/notmuch.orgnotmuchEmail (edit me!)
modules/helm.orgNoneMinibuffer completion
modules/company.orgNoneBuffer completion
modules/yasnippet.orgNoneQuick templates
modules/flyspell.orgNoneSpell checking
modules/flycheck.orgNoneSyntax / Style checking

The so called “activities”

I have extended the modules outline to include “activities”. This is for activity specific configuration.

modules/activities/programming.orgNoneMinor modes

Contributing ♥

Be kind. Make issues / forks. Pull requests encouraged, even if it’s just removing whitespaces or fixing grammar.