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Thinkpad Yoga S1 scripts for GNU/Linux
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A collection of scripts and systemd units to restore functionality of the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S1.

These are different from other scripts in that the screen rotation is automated with use of the inbuilt accelerometer. Also, acpid is not used in order to toggle between tablet mode but rather binding to the inbuilt switches.

Tested on Arch Linux with MATE, KDE 4.14, Gnome 3.14+. See customization.

Scripts should fix:

  • Screen rotation with accelerometer, including touchscreen, Wacom, and Touchpad/TrackPoint geometries

  • Disabling of Touchscreen with proximity of Wacom digitizer

  • Disabling of Clickpad and TrackPoint when moving to tablet mode


Assuming installed as per the PKGBUILD

Depending whether or not your DE rotates the Wacom orientation with the screen automatically edit the following file accordingly:


If you want to use an onscreen keyboard other than onboard, or disable opening of any keyboard when moving into tablet mode edit:


If your home directory is not in /home/ or your .Xauthority file is located somewhere other than your home directory you will need to edit the systemd modules. Likewise if your tablets display is not :0.


  • Test on different desktop environments (You can help!)


  • xrandr
  • xinput
  • xbindkeys
  • kbd (for setkeycodes)
  • systemd
  • gawk
  • xsetwacom (optional for wacom rotation)
  • onboard (optional for onscreen keyboard)

Manual installation

sudo -s
git clone /opt/thinkpad-yoga-scripts
cp /opt/thinkpad-yoga-scripts/systemd/* /usr/lib/systemd/system/

On Ubuntu 15.04, you may need to create the above directory.

systemctl start wacom-proximity@username.service
systemctl start yoga-rotate@username.service
systemctl start yoga-tablet.service
systemctl start yoga-backlight.service
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