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#include <iostream>
#include <stdarg.h>
using namespace std;
//some comments to test
//one more line
const char* nstrcat(char* to, ...);
int main(){
char str[100] = "";
char first[] = "Space";
char second[] = "Explorer";
cout<<nstrcat(str, first, " ", second, " HeeHaw", '\0')<<endl;
return 0;
const char* nstrcat( char* to, ...){ //Sample main() to test the program
char* inTo;
int i = 0;
va_list varg;
va_start(varg, to);
inTo = va_arg(varg, char*);
while(inTo && *inTo){ //returns '1' if true
to[i] = *inTo;
i++; //keep going through the arguments
inTo = va_arg(varg, char*);
return to;
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