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Initial dev setup


Install nvm the Node Version Manager which is similar to rbenv.

nvm install 0.10 # downloads, compiles and installs latest v0.8.x release
nvm use 0.10    # use the installed version in current shell
nvm alias default 0.10   # so that you don't have to execute  `nvm use 0.8` everytime  

Install Yeoman:

npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower
npm install -g generator-admo

Install Compass:

This will require a working version of ruby. we are currently using 2.0.0-p* Make sure you add $rubyInstall/bin/ to your path (this might be possible during installation).

Windows: Ruby Installer

Mac: RBENV for a guide

Both: Run the following from a ruby enabled console

gem install sass
gem install compass

IDE setup

The project has a .editorconfig file which allows different developers to share their editor settings like indentation styles. If you are using Sublime Text, install the plugin EditorConfig and it will automatically load the project settings from the config file. This ensures your settings are correct whenever you are working on the project.

Working with Admo