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Webhook parameters

Usage of webhook:
  -cert string
        path to the HTTPS certificate pem file (default "cert.pem")
  -header value
        response header to return, specified in format name=value, use multiple times to set multiple headers
  -hooks value
        path to the json file containing defined hooks the webhook should serve, use multiple times to load from different files
        watch hooks file for changes and reload them automatically
  -ip string
        ip the webhook should serve hooks on (default "")
  -key string
        path to the HTTPS certificate private key pem file (default "key.pem")
        do not panic if hooks cannot be loaded when webhook is not running in verbose mode
  -port int
        port the webhook should serve hooks on (default 9000)
        use HTTPS instead of HTTP
        parse hooks file as a Go template
  -urlprefix string
        url prefix to use for served hooks (protocol://yourserver:port/PREFIX/:hook-id) (default "hooks")
        show verbose output
        display webhook version and quit

Use any of the above specified flags to override their default behavior.

Live reloading hooks

If you are running an OS that supports USR1 signal, you can use it to trigger hooks reload from hooks file, without restarting the webhook instance.

kill -USR1 webhookpid